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                                        Summary of Odinism
                                        by Wayne W Hansen

From the book, "The Book of Blotar of the Odinic Rite" by The Odinic Rite, 1993

     All hail to the High Gods.
     May we be aware of Their presence within us and around us.
     Hail life.
     Hail to the Sun.
     May your vitality feed me, cheer me, and nourish me.
     Hail to you life giver.
     Hail to the Gods and hail to the people of the light.
     May your energy be with me as I go about my life.
     May my actions this day be right ones.
     Grant me strength to face the problems this day may bring.
     May I live this day and every day a noble life.
     For food and friends we give thanks.
     Odin and Frigga, lead me in the ways of the Gods.
     May I be honest and true to my family and friends.
     Teach me to care for the animals, trees, flowers, and birds.
     Guard me and my family, and may we always have your blessings.
     Hail to our folk soul.
     Will the folk soul to awaken again.
     May health increase and illness go.
     Hail the holy fire place and the holy candles.
     May the sacred fire warm us and guide us in darkness.
     May we remember that odinism is a way of living.
     Hail all our Holy Gods and Goddesses.
     Hail our Gods and our folk.
     May the high Gods be with us.
     We, the people, hail them.
     Hail Odin and may your wisdom guide us.
     Hail to the earth and may it yield a good crop.
     Let us be aware of the God force within us and around us.
     The Gods of Valhalla sit on their thrones wearing golden crowns.
     We gather as friends in the fellowship of Odin.
     Lord Odin, hear us, inspire us, and stir our folk.

The Hail Odin Mantra, by Wayne W Hansen

     Hail Odin, Hail Odin, Odin Odin, Hail Hail;
     Hail Frigga, Hail Frigga, Frigga Frigga, Hail Hail.

From the book, "Odinism: The Religion of Our Germanic Ancestors In The Modern World" by Wyatt Kaldenberg, 2011

Our Gods are the true leaders of our people.
Odin is our Divine King and Frigga is our Divine Queen.
I am a strong believer in direct contact with the Gods.
By opening up direct relationships with our Gods they will re-introduce themselves.
Odinism is a family religion.
A true odinist does not desire equality but desires to be better than the average person.
Odinists want to be the best people they can be.
Our folk evolved out of the Viking Age and we have arrived here today in the Computer Age.
It seems logical that the Gods evolved with us, and Odin has computers connected to high speed internet in Valhalla.
Odin is the nordic name for the Spear God and He became the king of our Gods.
Christianity is an impractical religion and odinism is a practical religion.
Christians are taught that their god will save them.
Odin expects you to save yourself.
In opposition to the savior cult, odinism is a heroic religion.
Hail Odin, king of the Gods, rider of the cosmic horse, Lord of the heavens, and God of our folk.
Hail Frigga, wife of Odin, All-Mother, and most beloved Goddess.

From the book, "Odinism In The Age of Man" by Wyatt Kaldenberg, 2011

An odinic society is a meritocracy.
The best families will rise to the top and the worst families will sink to the bottom.
Odinists are centered around the God, Odin.
Personal relationships with the Gods are more important than studying books.
Odin is the Allfather and Frigga is the Allmother over this universe, and when this universe ends, Odin will be the Allfather and Frigga will be the Allmother of the new universe.
The rebirth, death, and rebirth cycle is forever.
Odinism is a religious, spiritual, economic, social, and political movement, while asatru is just a religion.
Odinists believe in the fall of the west.
Once the west falls, the Gods can return, and we can rebuild our homeland anew.
Odinism is about our personal relationship with the living Gods now.

From the book, "Perceived Heathenism And Odinic Prayer" by Wyatt Kaldenberg, 2011

The Eddas and Sagas are a christian mockery of our religion.
What do we do if all the source material on our Gods is tainted by outlanders?
We do what our heathen ancestors did.
We contact the Gods directly through prayer, ritual, offerings, and shamanism.
Prayer is communication with the Divine, whispered, chanted, written, or expressed.
The old heathens never read the Eddas and Sagas because the christians had not written them until after heathenism was banned and the memory of the old religion faded away.
If we open up to the Gods, they will respond to us and send us prophets.

From the book, "Odinism: Inside the Belly of the Beast" by Wyatt Kaldenberg, 2011

Odinism is a warrior religion.
Odin expects us to be strong and to become our own saviors.
Valhalla is for the strong, the bold, and the brave; they will pass into the light of Rainbow Bridge to enter Asgard.
Odinism is part of our white race folk soul.
Odinism belongs to our white race and no one else's.
Every race should return to the religion of their folk soul.
War is righteous if it defends and advances our folk and our Gods.
The Viking raids helped spread Germanic colonies across Europe.
The American Indian wars helped spread our people across North America.
These were good and holy wars.
We must man the walls of Asgard, fighting back the armies of Hel.
Kings make great nations; democracies destroy great nations.

From the book, "A Heathen Family Devotional" by Wyatt Kaldenberg, 2011

The more we pray to our living Gods the more we empower Them and give light to the Rainbow Bridge.
The Divine is nurtured by our devotion, our prayers, and our sacrifice.
The answer is not materialism, but spiritualism.
Odin is our Allfather and Frigga is our Allmother.
Together Odin and Frigga are our Heavenly Parents.
They head the Divine Family that is devoted to our people.
Odin created the traditional two-parent family.
Our Heavenly Father and Mother loves us and we are the chosen people of the Kingdom of Odin.
The problem with the norse myths is that all of them were written, or totally made up, by christians 200 years after heathendom.
The Gods are here and now that you can talk to.

From the book, "Odinism in the Modern World" by Wulfstan, 2001

Odin did not lose an eye when He discovered the knowledge of the runes; He acquired the third hidden eye of wisdom which is located in the center of the forehead.
His eyes are piercing blue.
Odin rides on an eight-legged horse named Sleipnir.
Odin has four other companions: two ravens named Hugin and Munin, and two wolves named Geri and Freki.
Odin can assume other forms of Himself at will.
Odin is able to see, at the same time, all the nine realms from His throne in Asgard.

From, "Frigga Meditation" by Mist,

     There is one door that calls to you.
     There is one door that is shining and bright.
     You walk towards this door.
     You open the door and walk into a room.
     There is a fire burning in the fireplace.
     There is a grand spinning wheel in the corner.
     In the light of one candle sits Frigga.
     You walk towards Her and she offers you a seat.
     As you look into Her eyes, you see the many lives She has lived.
     She stares back at you with mother's love.
     She sits at Her spinning wheel and it spins round and round.
     She says to you, "Look into the wheel."
     You begin to stare at the moving wheel.
     You see images coming to you.
     She says to you, "See what it is that you need."
     She stops the wheel and removes the wool.
     She cuts a piece and places it in a pouch.
     She hands you the pouch.
     She says, "When you open it, this is what you need."
     "Use My gift to you wisely." 

From, "An Offering to Frigga" by Mist

     Lady of Asgard.
     You who hears the secrets of the Allfather.
     We seek from You what we need.
     And You provide greatly.
     Let us remember Your gifts.
     We honor You with our work from our hands and our hearts.
     May we aid each other in times of need.
     Through You, Frigga, we can learn much.
     And in You are mysteries that we seek to understand.
     Through You, Frigga, we ask that this life be full of love, light, and needed strength.
     Great Mother, accept our offering from our efforts and devotion.
     Our love and desire is to honor You.

From, "An Invitation to Frigga" by Mist

     Hail to You fair lady, wife of Odin.
     Allmother, grace us with your bounty and beauty.
     Give us the warmth of kindred and the strength of the warrior.
     Give us good health, strong families, and a strong community.
     See us through the hard times and the good times.
     Show us, Frigga, to be silent, strong, and forgiving.
     Teach us patience and understanding in all things.
     Our way of life is in Your hands.
     Hail Frigga! Hail the Queen of Asgard!

From, "Hymn to Frigg" by Michaela Macha,

Frigga, the Wanderer's wife, the well-loving mother, who fights and protects, who understands everything, the friend you can trust, who knows and is silent.
Frigga, the mistress of home and hall, who comforts and heals, who is strong and takes action, who cares and provides.
Frigga, who watches the children, who comforts our grief, the Mother, the wise one.

From, "All About Odinism",

Odinism is the name we give to the original heathen religion practiced by our forefathers.
It is the native religion of the English people and our very own spiritual heritage.
Odinism is an ancient religion but it has been restored in recent decades.
We rejoice in all that is wonderful in the world.
We celebrate our personal and collective achievements.
Odinists do not indulge in fasting and penitence; rather, we worship the Gods in our feasting and merry-making.
We believe in and honor the life-giving Gods and Goddesses.
Our Gods have intelligence and power, able and willing to intervene in the course of nature and human lives.
It is necessary for us to seek Their goodwill through prayer and sacrifice.
The Gods do not require us to humble ourselves.
Odinists do not kneel on the floor to the Gods, but address Them proudly like free, upstanding, men and women.
Odinists regard our Gods, not as our masters, but as friends and powerful allies.
Man's essence is spiritual and odinism is a spiritual religion.
Man is a soul which is his eternal self.
Odinist teachings seek to achieve a balance between the material and the spiritual.
Odinists honor nature viewing it as a manifestation of the spiritual.
Odinists like to hold outdoor ceremonies at spiritual places, or natural beauty sites.
In the heathen days, odinists built many temples for the celebration of their rituals.
Many ancient temples were humble wooden structures and some were stone-built like in Uppsala Sweden.
There are more than two hundred references to odinist temples.

From, by Seana Fenner

Despite all the terrible challenges we face, we can at least say that our real religion is being reborn.
Soon, may we see our odinist temples rise again, and our folk live in harmony with each other and nature.
Our Gods really love us.
They want us to be free, responsible adults who protect ourselves and our folk.
Hail our true Gods, our ancestors, and our real religion.
Both our native European religion and our natural nordic society celebrate true spiritual experience and real merit.
What is the Nation of Odin, or what I call Odinia?
It is a dream that is just beginning.
It is an idea that European people all over the world are a united people regardless of nationality.
Odinia is about loyalty to one's race before nationality.
We are only 7 or 8 percent worldwide and facing extinction.
We believe worshipping a foreign alien god with false values is unnatural and harmful.
Supporting and protecting your race is positive and an act of love.
Preferring to mix with others, when our own race is close to extinction, is an act that shows hatred of our own people.
We are true and loyal to the Divine Ones, our folk, and ourselves.
We protect and defend only our own people and land.
Our Gods, Goddesses, and ancestors, have expectations for us.
They expect us to go forward towards better things, not to regress.
We do not cooperate with attempts to annihilate our race.
If so inclined, we contribute to odinist temples, charities, and other organizations that benefit our own people only.
Race mixing is unthinkable to us as it would sever the connection between us and our Divine Ones, and our ancestors.
To destroy our own folk with race mixing is the supreme act of ingratitude and sin against the Gods.
This is something that no moral man or woman of our kind would ever do.
Those who race mix will no longer be recognized by us as part of our folk.
We recognize the importance of European culture and religion.
We are a tribal people and our religion is the basis of who we are.
We value the freedom to practice our ways and worship our Divine Ones.
The main reason we are folkish is because we desire to worship as our ancestors did, together as a tribe.
This bond of tribal togetherness has been denied us far too long.
Living tribally allows us to become more complete people as our ancestors were.
Becoming an odinist is one of the most exciting and fulfilling things a native European can do.
The truth is that christianity had no traditions of its own any more than it had its own temples.
Both sacred places of worship and holy festivals were ruthlessly appropriated and the jewish god forcibly superimposed upon them.
Our swords have great spiritual significance and are a part in our odinist rituals.

From the newsletter, "The Odinist" by Else Christensen, 1971

Odin became the Hero-God of the peoples of North Europe.
Men would try to mold their lives after Him.
They invoked Odin before undertaking any adventure.
They believed that He gave victory and success to the brave and noble.
Christianity is the religion of tolerance, meekness, humility, and death.
Odinism is the religion of strength, vitality, pride, action, and life.
The cross of Christ stands for submissive death.
The hammer of Thor stands for aggressive life.
The priests of Christ were against violence, gave speeches, and did not produce children.
The berserks of Odin gloried in battle, distrusted speeches, and produced children.
Our times require strength not weakness.
Odinism promotes self-respect, not humility.
Odinism promotes dignity, not obeisance.
Odinism promotes loyality for your own kind, not loyality for everyone else.
Our choice seems to be between yielding to the enimies of our civilization, or death.
Of the two, a heroic death is preferable.
It is heroism in the face of overwhelming odds that wins a glorious victory, and brings about the birth of a new world.
Only heroism will produce victory.
Odinism is a balance of spiritual and physical reality.

From the book, "The Odinist Religion Overcoming Jewish Christianity" by Rud Mills, 1939

Christianity seeks to substitute an eastern outlook in place of our own native outlook.
Odinists reverence their own race.
Differences of races exist for divine purpose or expression.
Christianity seeks to destroy race.
May not this be as serious as the killing of an individual?
Our own racial ideals and traditions are our best guide to health and national strength.
The remedy to the threatened extinction of our race is a spiritual one.
Odinists recognize race as the truth of reality.
The odinist sees himself as a part, and his race as a greater part, of the life of Odin.
Odinism teaches men their high duties to each other, to their race, and to Odin.
Our British nation is drifting away because we are untrue to the spirit of our own race, to truth, and to God.
Nations with race-preserving religions, like jews and Japanese, live.
Christian nations become unhealthy, decay, and die.
Under christianity, usury, parasitism, materialism, mongrelism, jewish control, confusion, and false values, flourish.
Be active for truth.
An untruth is a bad foundation for civilization.
Our odinist religion, native and true to our British selves, is coming.
Our odinist religion is not built on an untruth.
British people all over the world shall be bound together in their odinist religion by a spiritual bond.
The bond shall be their duty to Him.
"Hail Odin" is an expression of reverence, affection, and awe, to God.
Christianity will marry your son or daughter to a racial opposite and this will destroy your race.
As soon as a nation starts to be untrue to itself it will die, no matter how great its material possessions.
A nation must build on the foundation of its own traditions, on its own spirit, and not on jewish traditions.
The odinist religion is the only hope for us as we will live more naturally.
The odinist religion points the way out of the chaos of todays democracy.
The odinist is ready to suffer and fight for his high ideals and for the Father-spirit of his race.
Jesus-christianity, on the all-equal principle, encourages diseased and foolish people to breed to increase the burden on the healthy and sane people of the world.
The odinist does not seek revelation to God by absorbing the history of an alien race.
An odinist values the history of his own people and heroes.
The odinist, as he dies doing good, is taken straight to his home by the good angels called valkyrie.

Stephen McNallen speaking on the youtube video, "Asatru Hof: A Temple for the Norse Gods and Goddesses", 2015

For decades we have wanted a place of our own to conduct our rites, our rituals, and to serve as an asatru community center.
We have always had to rent places.
But we have always wanted a building, a hof, a place that we could dedicate to our religion.
And finally, after all these years, we are going to get one.
It is a large rectangular building made out of wood near Brownsville, in northern California.

Stephen McNallen speaking on the youtube video, "NewGrange Hall Asatru Hof", 2015

We have taken a building built in 1938 and converted it into something else.
This is a hof, old norse for a temple or a holy place.
We will be talking, we will be laughing, we will be feasting, we will be drinking, we will be raising our horns, honoring the Gods, honoring our ancestors, and honoring ourselves.
I want New Grange Hall and Hof to be a source of light.
I want this to be a place that brings spiritual connections, a way that shows us the way back to our ancestors.
There has been nothing on this scale honoring the Gods and Goddesses of our ancestors for at least 800 years.
There was a 1000 year war to convert Europe to christianity.
Our ancestors fought but the invading belief destroyed our culture.
They burned the temples and destroyed our customs.
You are here witnessing a historical event, 800 years in the making, 800 years of generation after generation suffering the loss of soul.
We as a people have lost our collective soul.
Now we are back.

From the article, "Thor and his followers come to the northern California hills",, 10/16/15

Around one corner of a two-lane road sits an old barnlike building, newly decorated to be like a viking longhouse.
Welcome to the first public asatru hof in the United States.
This is a worship hall and meeting place for members of the Asatru Folk Assembly, a 700 member organization.
The hof, or hall, was inaugurated with a blot, or ritual, that included candles, prayers, fires, blessings, banners, and sacred mead.
About 80 people attended.
Ancestor worship is also a large part of the faith.
From the book, "Asatru: A Native European Spirituality" by Stephen McNallen, 2015

Asatru is a native religion of Europe the way by which Germanic peoples have traditionally related to the Divine, to each other, and to the world around them.
Asatru was their spiritual path before they became christians.
European Americans are a distinct people with a tribal, pre-christian past.
We are kin to the Gods and Goddesses and Their divine spark lives inside us.
We have the divine nature within us and we can develop that nature.
Through the veil, our ancestors send us love, inspiration, and spiritual guidance.
They give us the unexpected bit of luck when it matters the most, and that hunch that comes out of nowhere.
Our descendants will remember us when we are gone, sending us love through the veil between the worlds.
When we were forced to abandon our natural spirituality, our lines of connection were almost severed.
We can experience the love, the fellowship, and the opportunities for growth offered by our ancestral wisdom.
All we have to do is come home to the heart and soul of our heritage.
Anywhere monotheism met polytheism, the followers of the one true god went on the offence.
Monotheism was rarely accepted peacefully.
It took a thousand years of conflict for the tribes of Europe to give up their old Gods.
The first muslim invasion of Europe was halted in 732 by Charles Martel at the battle of Tours.
The second wave of islamic aggression was broken at the battle of Vienna in 1683 when Jan Sobieski defeated the Ottoman Empire.
The third invasion, muslim immigration, is underway today.
Islam fully expects that it will seize the world for Allah, converting, dominating, or killing the rest of us in the process.
Looking at this record of intolerance and genocide, it is hard to see any blessings bestowed on mankind by monotheism.
We cannot help but contrast this with societies where many Gods and Goddesses are known.
Religious wars were unknown in Europe until the coming of christianity.
Medieval christian Europe was a totalitarian system as absolute as the Soviet Union.
Freedom is a birthright from our polytheistic ancestors in Europe, not something we imported from monotheists in the Middle East.
The Gods and Goddesses are mighty beings capable of manifesting to humans in any form They wish.
The great monotheistic faiths view humans as slaves or as property.
Native European religion views humans as kin and as friends.
We are part of the family of the Gods.
We are not only kin to the Gods, we are also their friends.
The clasped hands of christianity, in which the wrists are presented to be bound by the slave-knot, is alien to us.
We do not kneel, or bow our heads, or cast our eyes to the ground.
We stand tall, eyes looking straight ahead, or skyward.
Our approach to the Holy Powers is at the same time reverent and familiar.
The Holy Powers are not standing in front of us demanding that we kneel and worship them; they are walking ahead of us, urging us to follow in their footsteps.

From the book, "Heathen Family Prayer for Beginners" by Wyatt Kaldenberg, 2012

Religion is something you have to feel in your heart and your soul.
The Gods are real.
They are all around us in the natural world.
They speak to us daily.
Make contact with our Gods now in good times.
Most people only get religious in bad times.
Nothing is more important than your personal relationship with the Divine.
It is one of the reasons why you were born.
There is a war between the darkness and the light.
You are on Earth to figure out which side you are on.
They define heathenism by writings of Dark Age christians.
The Sagas and Eddas were written by medieval monotheists.
It amazes me when modern heathens use their writings as the authority on our faith.
By citing outlanders they are creating a false religion.
Our heathen ancestors never quoted non-heathens in order to define their relationship with our Gods.
Stop burying yourself in the Eddas, Sagas, and other writings of those who oppressed our people.
Start opening your heart to the light of our living Gods.
The more you read the old source on norse myth, the less you will know about the Gods.
The writings are just christian misinformation about our Gods.
Odinic theology is more important than norse mythology.
We can't base odinism on phony norse mythology created by christians.
Odin is known as the Allfather since He is both the biological father and spiritual father of all people of northern European descent.
Prayer, chanting, and offering, will bring you in direct contact with the Divine.

Seana Fenner speaking on, 5/1/15

Some of us who are not ready to love our people, and respect our own culture, become buddhists.
The final stage of deprogramming is to have the courage to embrace your own religion.
Universalism means we are all equal, all the same, and all races worship the one god.
Universalism is a jewish and christian invention.
Since we are part of a tribal religion, odinists practice our worship services with our own tribe.
Our odinist rituals and holidays help us to connect with our own culture and with who we are.

From the book, "The Call of Our Ancient Nordic Religion" by Rud Mills, 1957

The odinist religion is rooted in the simple outlook of the ancient nordic peoples.
The nordics regarded God as being too great for any man to wholly understand.
But something of God they could understand, and that something they called Odin.
The nordic people believed that they themselves partook of the eternal.
They believed that with death their spirits returned to the Father Spirit and lived as timeless entities with Him.
After death, with the experience of this life enriching them, they lived a deeper and fuller life in God.
They believed themselves to be the sons and daughters of God.
They believed that after death they lived more fully in a new heavenly world.
They thought upon the relations of God and man, the nature of God, and the nature of man.
The odinist teaches a simple beautiful theme drawn from communion with God and Nature.
He makes truth the basis of his teachings.
Every man is of divine origin, with a divine mission according to his power and perception.
The old nordic religion rejoiced in life and laughed with God.
It is beyond the powers of man to understand the great Being in whom, and by whom, man lives.
There is, however, a capacity to feel and observe something of that tremendous Being, who is beyond all description.
It must be remembered that the early christians destroyed as many traces as they could of the preceding religion.
The Nordic Allfather was the Great One, all-wise, and unconfined by time or space.
Odin was all-wisdom, all-justice, and He was the ruler.
Frigga was the beautiful Mother of Gods and men.
She understood the love among mankind.
Men and women could feel in themselves the tenderness and love of Her presence.
They prayed to Her and were blessed as they prayed.
The odinist ceremonies were beautiful, celebrating the births of the four seasons of the year.
They sang songs of praise, peace, hope, and struggle.
A man shall stand modestly, yet bravely, before his Creator.
Odinists believed that guardian spirits came about them and guarded them.
They were never cast down, whatever the disaster.
The Everlasting and its wonders and beauties was a reality and part of their existence.
The loving Frigga comes for us, the tremendous Odin comes, and they stretch out help to us.
For we are of them and are their very children.
We are made from them and live by them and have the qualities they have given us.

The Norse Odin Mantra, by Wayne W Hansen

     Norse Odin, Norse Odin, Odin Odin, Norse Norse;
     Norse Frigga, Norse Frigga, Frigga Frigga, Norse Norse.

From the book, "Folkish Odinism" by Wyatt Kaldenberg, 2013

You can't dominate other people with a folkish religion.
This is one reason heathenism lost to christianity.
Folkish religions are not for export and cannot expand beyond their folk.
Judaism is a folkish religion that never expanded beyond the jewish people.
Christianity is a universalist religion that conquered many races and lands.
Odinism is about building up our community and our people.
It is about exploring white spirituality.
My brand of odinism could be called Monarchical Polytheism.
Odin is the Allfather, King of the Gods; Frigga is the Allmother, Queen of the Gods; and Thor is the Allbrother, First Son and Prince of the Gods.

From, "The Teuton's Battle Song" by H P Lovecraft, 1914

     The mighty Odin laughs upon his throne
     And once more claims his children for his own
     Armed valkyries ride out from the sky
     Berserkers doing Godlike acts of bravery
     Only warriors can feast with Odin
     To attack or be attacked
     The Gods are kindest to the strongest man
     Why should we fear?
     What greater joy than this?
     Asgard will give us bliss
     I can see the helmeted valkyries close to me
     Ten more I slay
     Odin's mounted messengers are so near now
     The darkness comes and I feel my spirit rise
     A kind valkyrie carries me to the skies

From the article, "Odinism, What Is It?" by, 1999

Odinism is the indigenous religious faith of the peoples of northern Europe.
It is both a personal faith and a communal way of life.
Historically, odinism can be divided into three periods: before christianity, merging with christianity, and freeing from christianity.
The christian sign of the cross is really the sign of Thor's hammer.
There is no history of religious warfare in Europe before the coming of christianity.
We prefer to worship the Gods in our own way, with people our own kind.
Odinists recognize man's spiritual kinship with nature.
In man there is the god-soul corresponding to the heavens.
The Gods are everywhere and in everything.
They show themselves to us as fire, as a flower, and as a tree.
Odinists believe that all life should be lived in communion with the mind of the Gods.
Heaven and earth, and man and women, were made with Odin's help.
All knowledge came from him, and he governs all things.
Nature is the garment by which he manifests himself.
Thor, the warrior God, wishes all men well and stands by them in the face of their enemies, and against the new god, Christ.
The odinist should suffer no evil to go unremedied, and to fight against the enemies of family, nation, and race.
Put no faith in the pledged word of a stranger people.
The person who prays to God asking for help is seeking to shift the responsibility from himself.
To pray is to beg and plead, and that is not the object of true religion.

From the book, "The Religion of Odin, A Handbook" by Irv Slauson, 1978

Both Frigga and Freya are valkyries as well as being major deities of the odinist faith.
The warrior maidens of Valhalla ride through the air to the battles that Odin has ordered.
They ride on horses and wear brilliant armor.
Their arrival on the battlefield may be detected by a flickering in the air, which is the light that is reflected from their lances.
The souls of the heroes are escorted to Valhalla.
Some of the names of the valkyries are: Saga, Gerfron, Pulla, Smofna, Lofna, Vora, and Brunhilda.
Hail thee Odin.
Grant courage to us, High One, as long as we live.
Grant wisdom to us, High One, as long as we live.
Grant prosperity to us, High One, as long as we live.
We thank thee, Odin, for blessings received.

From the article, "A Future for Odinism in Britain",, 2015

Edwin Harwood: The rise of militant Islam may cause trueborn English to seek the security of a trueborn English faith.
Can odinism fill the gap that declining spirituality has left in our culture?
Ralph Harrison: Odinism is a religion of the future though rooted in the past.
Christianity has a long history in England but it is an imported religion, which Islam is too.
Comment 1: Imagine if Islam was forced on all of Europe and then people in the future were defending Islam as part of their heritage?
This is exactly the situation with christianity.
Christianity is not European, it is semitic, it is foreign.
Christianity teaches meekness, turn the other cheek, resist not evil, obey all rules, love your enemies, universalism, and rejection of kin.
Their god teaches them that they are worthless who deserves eternal torture right from birth.
Christianity is the original cultural marxism.
It has taught us to hand our lands over to our enemies.
Who cares who occupies Europe?
Who cares if our blood is mixed?
They have used christianity to exploit European altruism and use it as a weapon to destroy us.
Comment 2: Our ancestral religion is essential to the recovery of our people.
Once our people are restored to the worship of our folk, we will less likely treat foreign races as beloved pets.
It is the followers of Odin who will lead us through the coming horror.

From the article, "What If?" by Morrighan Kelly (8th grade student),, 2016

Parents, folk, you deserted us when we needed you the most.
You left us to defend and fight for ourselves -- us, your children.
I pen this with great sadness; sadness that many European adults have failed us, the European children.
I am female descending from the Ancients.
The great Celtic-Germanic-Norse are my people.
Before the invasion of Europe by the cults of judaism, islam, and christianity, my ancestors were socially formed around odinism and folkish-heathenism.
Christianity was the tool to remove the Gods of the Ancients, my ancestors.
The Celtic-Germanic-Norse people were meticulously clean, sanitary people.
"What If" the cultural genocide begun on my ancestors over 2000 years ago by the Abrahamic cults is alive and well today in pop culture, education, government, the arts, and literature?
Is it cultural marxism?

From the article, "Happy Liberation Day Norway" by, 5/8/16

Liberation Day in Norway on May 8, 1945, is the day when the German armed forces surrendered after they occupied the country for five years during World War Two.
Our ancestors fought for our freedom.
Now we have a new battle that must be won.
Get Islam out of Norway!
What will we leave to our children and grandchildren?
There is nothing good about Islam and we will never submit to the Islamic teachings.
Long live the free and independent Norway.

From a meme picture on the internet.

     Strength is life, for the strong have the right to rule.
     Honor is life, for with no honor one may as well be dead.
     Loyalty is life, for without one's clan one has no purpose.
     Death is life, for one should die as they have lived.

From Seana Fenner,, 2016

Anyone who can't even stand for one's people is not worthy of our Gods.
Odinism gives us something real to believe in: ourselves, our folk, our ancestors, and our Gods.
We don't believe in "faith" but in actual spiritual experiences and actions.
Only European heritage people should be allowed in any European ancestry nation.
Others should be deported.
The only valid war now is to save our race.
Asians, etc, did not build the infrastructure of our nations, we did.
Non-Europeans do not belong in our nations.
Our European Gods expect us to fight.
Fight and pray to our real Gods for help.
Don't pray to the god of our enemies.
We do not allow jews and others not of our European ancestry to attend our services.
Those who are not of our race do not have the same ancestors and Gods.
We honor our own ancestors.
Non Europeans have no place in our tribal religion, nor we in theirs.
No one who is not of European ancestry should have the right to immigrate to this nation.
It was built by Europeans for Europeans.
Our Gods are not disappointed by hate.
They are disappointed by tribal disloyalty and cowardice.
We are related to our Gods, and our religion is ancestral.
Hail Odin and our real European Gods.
Odinism is the religion of Europeans.
Odinism is our native religion, the religion of our ancestors, and the very soul of our race.
Our religion is part of who we are.
Our customs and festivals are our identity.
Our Gods are our ancestors.
As odinists we only welcome our own folk, not invaders.
Christians and jews are at the center of efforts to racially replace European heritage people with mass immigration.
Nobody cares about being called racist anymore.
I have the same reaction exactly as my ancestors would; I do not forgive, forget, or turn the other cheek.
Odinism is the native religion of European ancestry folk.
Our holidays are for our folk only.
We don't believe in not judging others.
The reason white men have been successful is because they work hard and are superior.
It is not our responsibility to care for anyone but our own folk.
Our Gods are European. Don't worship the enemy.
Our nation was built for Europeans by Europeans.
We have the blood of our Gods and their favor.
My empathy and responsibility is to my own tribe as the case with other races.
All our Gods are warriors seeking victory.
Odinism honors real masculinity and femininity, normalcy and merit.
From the article, "Allfather Wotan" by Donald V Clerkin, 2007

Children of mine, fair and beautiful kin of the light, you know me.
I am known to you as the Wanderer, and the Lord of the Ravens.
You aided me in the forest in my wars against the racial aliens, the lords of the underworld and darkness.
When you lived in the old forests with me we were always victorious against our enemies.
But you have forgotten my counsel and your race of light and beauty is becoming stained.
Your minds and instincts have dulled and the racial aliens have their way with you invading their armies against you.
You have a government based upon doctrine that I did not teach you.
I did not teach you to give your lives over to the racial strangers whose ancestors never lived with me in the forests.
I taught you to love and cherish your own kind and to protect what is yours.
I gave you beauty, wit, strength, and will.
Everyone knew you as my children.
What have you become?
Will you humiliate yourselves to the point of extinction?
What could bring you to this sorry state?
Because you are mine own, you possess the strength and will to defeat any enemy.
What is the false charity I see you slaving over?
You allow your old folks to worry their last years while you give aid to aliens.
I taught you to be proud, not to be a slave.
You were told not to share your blood, your soul-force, and memories of me, with racial strangers.
I, the Wanderer, come to you, from the ancient times, to say enough of this treachery and foolishness.
You are my own and my spear once protected you.
The law of race and blood I gave you was not to be broken.
The Ravens tell me tales of treachery and cowardice in the face of your enemy.
I was your warrior god; you were my aryan heroes.
My life in Valhalla was filled with your valor from which I drew my strength.
How I long for those days when you won the world and feared nothing and no one.
The Ravens fly out daily to bring me word of your deeds only to return to Valhalla to tell me that which I loathe to hear.
You are dying of a sickness of your racial soul.
The Ravens bring word of a few who fight on, who stand for the greatness that is still in you.
Wotan calls upon his children to be great once more.

From Carolyn Emerick,, 2019

Imagine living in a tribal society and telling your tribesman that you side with the rival or invading tribe.
The tribe is the natural social group of the human animal.
How we are living now is unnatural.
We should not even be living in the same spaces as anyone who is not of our own tribe.
It is natural to feel repulsion and suspicion of those who are not alike to your own people.
Folklore is the racial memory of an ethnic group.
Stop thinking like a liberal and start thinking like a ruthless conquerer.
Christianity in a nutshell: they cannot ever be ethno-nationalists because they put ideology first.
Christianity is an enemy of ethnic identity.
If christianity is a white religion, why are they targeting India so heavily? You mean it is a globalist religion?
Most white people who see white genocide happening are too dumb to understand how christianity is used to separate people from their ethnic folkways first, then they can move in with multiculturalism next.
European Man faces the biggest struggle of our history: the struggle to exist as an ethnic group.
Christianity bred the coward with its turn the other cheek, meekness directive.
Christians are white jews. Christianity is a sect of judaism.
Ethnic faith is tribal. Ethnic faith is natural.
You cannot be pro-white and a christian. Christianity is anti-ethnic.
We need to shift our thinking to be more tribal.
It is essential that we start looking at ourselves as a tribe.
Any sane creature in the natural world avoids predators. The Western world is inviting them in. Insanity.
Living religion is not static. It doesn't hold still; it moves, evolves, and changes.
Living Deity can manifest in different ways in order to reach us and reach our consciousness.
Channeling your ancestors is part intuitive spiritual blood memory, but it's part making the effort on your own time to learn.
Embrace your ancestry, embrace your culture, embrace your heritage, learn who you are, stand up for it, protect it, and preserve it.
We have a right to exist.
Not only did we just ignore our culture and allow it to atrophy, but now there is an active self-hatred going on in the west.
I believe that my culture has a right to exist and to preserve itself and remain the dominant population group in my country.
Desert relegion for forest people makes no sense.
Christianity cuts racial identity out of consciousness and makes people identify as ideology above all.
Christianity is anti-tribal and unnatural.
Christianity teaches people to hate their cultural origins, demonize our indigenous folkways, and believe we needed the god of Israel to civilize us.
No wonder we are in this state, because we don't know who we are and we are not giving power and attention to the Gods and ancestors who have our backs.
We are giving our attention to the god of another people. It's sick and it is Stockholm Syndrome.
When they used this phychological trickery that in order to get you to worship the god of Israel, they had to make you stop worshipping your own ancestral Deities, and the protector Gods of your own tribe.
The only people who hate ethnic faith are people with confused ethnicity.
Hence the propensity of mixed race people to love christianity and hiss at paganism.
Their blood memory is severly interrupted.
Ethnic faith and genetic hygiene go together.
We do not worship the tribal god of Israel.
Protect Northern Europeans as an ethnic group.
Stop white genocide by ethnic replacement. We deserve to live too.
Strong family resemblance is preserved when the family stays racially pure.
When you breed out, the kids look nothing like their own family.
You are being replaced and if you object you are a racist.
Racist is a code word for "we hate white people, we want your nations, and we will dominate you into submission". Will you let them?
They are destroying racial cohesion and forcing multiculturalism and race mixing on everyone so that we will have no culture and no identity.
Are you mad yet? What will it take?
They hate it when white people create a healthy and thriving living space for ourselves.
They are determined that we will not be able to live among our own kind in peace.
We want our nations back.
Britons are an ethnic group and non-white people can never be British.

From,, 2019

More than 80 men got off the train in the city center and marched with flags held high towards Kultorvet, a central square in Copenhagen.
The police tried to stop the speaker from giving his speach, but a group of activists quickly formed a ring around the speaker, protecting him from the police.
For the next ten minutes hundreds of people on the square were able to hear a speach about nordic values, such as honor, morals, and bravery.
Concepts such as strength, loyality, and bravery, are natural to the nordic folk.
It is not brave to quietly let a hostile government hand over our nordic lands and riches to a foreign folk.
The manifestation in Copenhagen was a huge success.
The Danish police learned that the activists in the Nordic Resistance Movement stand together, are disciplined, and act as one unit.
The Danish people learned that the Nordic Resistance Movement is capable of marching through Copenhagen, and in a powerful fashion speak to the people.
Physically and spiritually weak people cannot free themselves, no matter how right they are.

From Aurelija, Generation Identitaer,, 2019

We have taken the street back in Copenhagen and Aarhus, where we have made street theater, and poster and banner actions.
As Identitaers, we are not just fighting mass immigration and Islamization, but we are fighting for something.
We have let our countries flood with migrants without thinking that we have something to keep.
We have forgotten who we are and the potential that resides within us.
What motivates us is that Denmark, and the rest of Europe, survive, even for one thousand years.

From youtube Harald Andersson, 2020

When the awakening of the Germanic people has happened in the past, and it has happened several times, chaos followed. 
Arise brothers and sisters. Our day has come.
You feel no shame. You feel no guilt.
The only thing you feel is the power of your spirit awakening.
You feel no fear because your ancestors are with you.

From youtube Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen, 2020

Merry Yule from the viking cabin.
I am in my viking garments and I am going to have my own celebration.
This is Odin above the shield here overlooking everything that happens in the viking cabin. 
Odin is a part of the celebration, an essential part.
Yule is a heathen celebration. Odin is here.